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Personal Counselling

We for you – open, unprejudiced, respectful.

The ApK LV Berlin e.V. offers independent personal counselling to family members or friends in all situations they may find themselves in. Here, family members and friends can speak openly without guilt or shame. We know that talking about other people can in itself result in feelings of shame – particularly when psychological stress has been diagnosed – and we respond to these feelings with empathy and care.

We speak in an open, unprejudiced and respectful way about difficult situations – anonymously if so desired. Of course we are bound by rules of confidentiality. You yourself decide how much to say and how open to be. Together we discuss your needs and the next steps to take.

Peer-to-peer counselling.

What is special about the peer counselling we offer is that the counsellors have themselves experienced being secondarily affected as family members or friends. This means that they personally understand the difficulties one is faced with, on an emotional level and from their own life experience. Our motto is: peer-to-peer counselling - your counsellor is someone like you.

Give us a call – we look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to tell you about the counselling we have on offer.

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