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Relationships are unique. The needs of individuals are our priority.

Each relationship with a  mentally ill person is unique Depending on the structure and status of this relationship family members and friends have differing needs. In our work with family members we take into account the specifics of their individual  relationship and find ways of reducing the burden in their particular case.

A healthy balance between empathy and setting boundaries.

The recovery of a person in a mental crisis depends strongly on their relation¬ship to their social network of family and friends. In our work with people in the different relational roles (parent, child, siblings, partners, friends) we examine how family members can achieve a mode of relating that is successful and promotes recovery. We help them establish a healthy balance between empathy and setting boundaries and are aware that everyone has their own personal limits.

Relatives often defer their own needs for a long period for the benefit of the family member with mental health problems and in so doing fail to take care of their own needs. It is these needs which play a central role in our work. We exchange views, share our own experience and develop solutions to help family members become more self-aware and protect themselves effectively.

Protective social networks.

The basis of our work as an association of relatives and friends of people with a mental illness is a network that is both wide and strong - we bring people together who are undergoing similar experiences and create a protective space. We see social networks and the sharing of experiences as the community's immune system that helps sustain health and better cope with suffering.

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