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Political Involvement

Empathic, determined, proactive: ApK as a partner for political co-operation.

We firmly believe that in order to fully support relatives and friends of people with a mental problem we need to be politically committed. We campaign for a holistic and systemic approach to the crises of the social networks surrounding people with mental health issues. Work with those secondarily affected is an enormously important resource and has a direct impact on the people affected, the institutions involved and the care system as a whole.

The ApK is committed to working towards overcoming discrimination, injustice and inadequate structures. We publicise and raise awareness for the needs of friends and relatives, including under-age children. We support the view that family members and friends have a right to their own position and that they are fully entitled to have their interests taken into account in political decisions. The core objective of the political work is therefore to promote awareness of and respect for the needs and limits of those secondarily affected by mental problems.

We are a voting member of the Berlin State Advisory Council for Mental Health.

We promote individuals’ active involvement.

The ApK welcomes all family members and friends wanting to join us in our political activities. We are working towards a deepening political involvement in order to fulfil our political responsibility to the full. We also encourage family members to become involved not only in small forums, but also in the work of providers, institutions, the broader public and other relevant actors. We are convinced that the political involvement of individuals can lead to a sustainable improvement of the general care situation and we are always pleased to see new partners join our cause.

We are happy to tell you more about the political work of the ApK - contact us to find out how you can make a personal contribution. We look forward to seeing you.

Your team at ApK Berlin