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Who we are

Peer-to-peer self-help since 1989.

The ApK LV Berlin e.V. (Berlin Association of Relatives of People with Mental Illnesses) was founded in 1989 as Familienselbsthilfe Psychiatrie (family self-help psychiatry) after starting off as a self-help group of family caregivers.

Our central aim is that caregivers should be well-informed, self-confident and able to cooperate in solidarity; that they should know their rights and be able to claim the help they need to cope with their challenging situation. Our most important objectives include:

  • Early clarification and de-escalation in the social system
  • Recognition of family members and friends of mentally ill individuals  as central resource = co-operation without being co-therapists
  • Respect for the specific concerns of those secondarily affected (children, partners, siblings, parents, friends, …)
  • Introduction of standards for service providers to take into account the needs of family members and friends (particularly those of children)
  • Promotion of tolerance and openness - in two-way and three-way dialogue
  • Promotion of recovery plans
  • Concrete co-operation of the ApK LV Berlin e. V. with the representatives of the psychiatric care system = networking
  • Reduction of existing discrimination or prejudice
  • Provision of help and care that is relevant to the living environments and needs of people undergoing mental crises or with mental health problems

Our association is funded by membership fees, donations, grants, contributions from sponsors and public funds and support for self-help activities from the German statutory health insurance schemes. The funds are spent in accordance with non-profit principles, accountability, cost efficiency and transparency. Expenditures are documented in the annual financial report. The ApK is accredited by the Transparency International Deutschland e.V.

Please contact us for more detailed information about our association - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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