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Self-help group in English

Self-help for relatives and friends of people with mental crises

Nothing is as it was? Nobody really understands? You feel alone and lost because someone you care about seems to be going “mental”?
Come along to our group to talk, listen, share. We are all in a similar situation with someone very dear to us going through psychological crises  – until we ourselves get into a crises. So let’s get together to make things feel much more bearable as we see that others have similar problems and inspire each other to deal with them differently.

Come along:
every 1st Tuesday of the month at 12.30pm

Platzhaus on Teutoburger Platz Near U-Senefelder Platz (U2) and U-Rosenthaler Platz (U8)

Please get in touch with us before taking part for the first time:

Phone: 030 86 39 57 03